HabNet Coalition

The HabNet Coaliton is a national alliance of more than 50 coastal organizations working to advance the mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Coastal Program.  The Coalition, founded by Restore America’s Estuaries, is helping to provide a unified national voice in support of the Coastal Program.  Member organizations of HabNet are kept informed of opportunities to support the Coastal Program through strengthened conservation partnerships, information sharing, and planning for healthy and resilient coastal communities.

The Coastal Program is designed to support habitat conservation for Federal Trust Species in coastal areas by forming diverse voluntary partnerships with Federal, state, regional, and local agencies; non-governmental organizations; and private landowners. This collaboration is critical to recovering threatened and endangered species and preventing candidate species from becoming listed.

Since 1994 the Coastal Program has:

  • Restored 334,796 wetland acres 
  • Restored 148,160 upland habitat acres;
  • Restored 2,176 stream miles; and
  • Helped protect over 2 million acres of coastal habitat
The Coastal Program has accomplished this work by partnering with coastal communities and providing technical and financial assistance at the local level. With locally-based staff actively engaged with diverse partners, the Coastal Program is able to effectively deliver on-the-ground habitat conservation results.
Check out the USFWS Coastal Program Annual Accomplishments Report for project highlights and more detailed information by region:
2012 Report
2011 Report
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