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Posted by: Steve Emmett-Mattox

I wanted to share two recent radio stories relating to coastal blue carbon and a web resource.

On December 6 and 7, NPR aired a two-part story about California's climate law and "carbon farming" in the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta. Click here for the story.

On November 29, the Diane Rehm interviewed Kennedy Warne, a New Zealand marine biologist, about the loss of mangroves to shrimp farming. Coastal blue carbon is being proposed as an option to protect remaining mangroves. Dr. Warne has a new book out, “Let Them Eat Shrimp: The Tragic Disappearance of the Rainforests of the Sea.” Click here for the interview.

NOAA has launched a blue carbon web site describing NOAA's efforts -

I hope you can make use of these new resources.

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